Martin Motor Hager

Habed'ehre. My name is Martin Hager
I am an illustrator and graphic designer based in Landshut near Munich. Art, movies, and vintage motorcycles are my main private interests. German is my native language. This page is just in English because I don't know how to create a language version of my website. So please don't ask me about web design ;)

Things you can ask me for:
Explanatory graphics, storyboards, layout scribbles, character designs, concept art, comics, movie posters, t-shirt designs, vector graphics, graphic recordings, editorial illustrations, digital paintings, tattoo motives, hand lettering, digital lettering, and logo designs.
My strength is listening to my customers and communicating my processes openly to achieve the best results quickly. Let's create something together!
My previous career:
I started my career in 2003 in the marketing department of a furniture retailer. After two years, I switched to an agency for image retouching in the fashion industry. Later, I became an art director in an advertising agency that worked for a major label in the entertainment sector. Over six years, I worked with many great artworks from the best illustrators and created some by myself. I did this until 2016. Now I'm working exclusively as a freelance illustrator under the Label MOTOR-GRAFIK.
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